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April 1-4, 2025
Venetian Expo, Las Vegas

SIA New Products + Solutions Award Categories

Access Control Software, Hardware, Devices & Peripherals – Wired

Electronic systems software, panels and devices used to monitor and/or control physical access points and manage databases and/or field hardware for the physical control and tracking of personnel access to facilities or other controlled assets.  Includes stand-alone, networked, virtual / cloud, and appliance-based systems, readers, turnstiles, electromechanical portals, REX devices, lock releases, power supplies, and other access control door peripherals.  Excludes wireless solutions.

Access Control Devices & Peripherals Hardware – Wireless

Products defined in the Access Control Software, Hardware, Devices & Peripherals category that operate or transmit data via wireless protocols (e.g. RF, Bluetooth, Low- Energy Bluetooth, Microwave, WiFi, NFC, laser).

Anti‐Terrorism / Force Protection / Armed Aggressor

Products that reduce the vulnerabilities, risks, or consequences of threats associated with brute force attacks or other hostile actions against personnel, facilities, and critical information. Products in this category may include barriers, fences, or specialized materials that deter, detect, delay, or otherwise mitigate the effects of threats such as WMD(s), IED(s), ballistics, vehicular attacks, or other weapons.


Hardware and / or software used in the verification of identity for the purposes of access authentication or denial through the analysis of a person’s face, iris, retinal, finger, hand, vein, or other anatomical / physiological features.  May be a stand-alone, networked, or hosted / cloud-based solution and work in conjunction with other measures for multi-factor authentication, e.g. physical credentials, codes, or analytical feature-sets such as behavioral traits.

Commercial Monitoring Solutions

Hardware or software designed for use in the execution of security system monitoring or commercial applications. A monitoring product may be designed for use in the central station or locally by the user. Examples include alarm monitoring software and hardware, central station monitoring and video verification software.

Communications and Networking Solutions

Wired or wireless communication/signal transmission / networking solutions using any medium that provide more efficient, translation / conversion, cost effective, faster, reliable, distance and/or enhanced security in support of security systems / operations. This includes but is not limited to monitoring, command and control, detection, supervision, signal conversion, and/or technology enhancements.  Qualifying products might also leverage existing communications models like OSDP.

Countermeasures to Drone & Robot Threats

Products that detect, track, interrupt, and/or defend against surveillance or trespass by aerial or ground vehicles/robots, or other mobile equipment solutions of all classes and categories that operate autonomously or via remote control.

Convergence and Integration Solutions

Innovative solutions that enable integration between security systems, BMS / BAS, fire / life-safety, and / or IT environments, as well as products that support the features and benefits of multiple technologies operating together to appear as a single solution or data stream for the user. This includes but is not limited to the integration of a physical security system(s) with logical systems.  Solutions will ultimately produce actionable intelligence or other information not available through one system or another, or effectively create automated efficiencies that cannot be realized by one of the systems alone.

Data and Systems Cyber Security

Software applications, utilities, or hardware designed to promote the security of security by reducing vulnerabilities to cyber security breaches, failures in logical security measures, and/or the protection and encryption of security systems related data (in transmission or at rest), networking and / or communications.  This includes active or passive measures for the control, monitoring, tracking, identification, or blocking of attacks/breaches, and/or bridging of logical and physical security systems.  Solutions may include but are not limited to overall protection of data, threat detection and mitigation, compliance assurance, or change management and tracking.

Design, Diagnostic, and Installation Tools

Products and / or services that support the design, installation, testing, diagnostics/troubleshooting, or operation of a security products or systems.  This includes software programs, mobile system utilities, pre-application verification tools, wire/cable testers, installation tools, connectors, electrical performance/analysis, RF signal strength and analysis, and any other appurtenance to assist in the design, installation, diagnostics or maintenance of security systems and related support hardware.

Drone & Robot Solutions for Security

Aerial or ground vehicles/robots, or other mobile equipment solutions of all classes and categories that operate autonomously or via remote control to provide support of security operations through the use of visual, audio, and/or other sensors.  Products may also include hardware or software that aid in the operation or integration of these solutions into the security enterprise.

Emergency and Mass Communication Systems

Products in this category are designed to facilitate notification of security, life safety, and critical customer messaging. Solutions may utilize various digital messaging technologies (such as email/text alerts, PC based messaging components), live or recorded voice communications, and various forms of message presentation/annunciation.  Communications may be targeted to select groups of recipients based on static/dynamic parameters or to the general public.  Products may include hardware, software, devices or services.

Enhanced Project Delivery

Envisioned to be software, tools, systems, or other mechanisms, including contracting means  or methods that provide efficiencies in delivery, reductions in cost, or enhanced quality / value to clients / end users of security products and services.  Solutions must be able to demonstrate defined objectives, repeatable processes, repeatable results with measurable outcome / metrics.

Environmental Monitoring Systems

Systems, sub-systems or devices used in the detection of chemical, biological, and/or radiological elements/materials considered to represent possible life-safety hazards. This includes actuating devices, control devices, detectors, processing equipment or warning systems.

Fire / Life Safety

Solutions designed primarily for fire prevention, detection and notification. This includes fire controllers, smoke/heat detectors, sirens/annunciators, keypads, pull stations, sprinkler systems and voice evacuation systems. Solutions may operate via hard-wire or wireless protocols.

Hosted Solutions

Products and / or services for monitoring, management, storage, and intelligent control of security/life safety applications that eliminate the need for traditional on-premises client/server computing resources.  These products may also enable an external provider to manage some or all of the required systems administration and maintenance tasks for a security operation. Solutions may be network-based systems or "Cloud" services that provide various physical security system functions, security-related IT functions (e.g. archiving, data storage, raw computing capabilities) or comprehensive integrated security/facility management functions (programming, diagnostics, or repair support) through the use of virtualized and/or dynamically allocated resources ; public or private.

Identification Management and Credentialing (Non-Biometric)

Products shall include hardware and / or software used to facilitate the authentication of users and the provisioning of access credentials through manual or electronic means.  Products shall support the creation / production and / or management (i.e. tracking, distribution, provisioning, programming, or maintenance) of user credentials and the information associated with and / or stored on the credential.  Products may include but not be limited to cards, fobs, readers, keypads, printers, and software management solutions and may support multifactor authentication or enhanced use / security using multiple technologies, improved communications, encryption, or other means.  Excludes biometric-centric devices.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solutions (Physical) – Wired

Technologies used to detect and/or prevent unauthorized entry into a secure area; indoors or outdoors. This includes electronic systems and devices that support or interface with primary monitoring or command and control systems, as well as annunciators, arm / disarm stations, bells and sirens, and control communications.  Products or software solutions engineered to reduce the occurrence of false alarms.  Excludes wireless systems.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solutions (Physical) - Wireless

Products shall meet the definition for Physical Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solutions category but shall operate via wireless / non-wired protocols / mediums.

Key / Equipment Assets Management Solutions

Hardware and / or software specifically designed to manage keys or other assets through secure storage, assignment and use tracking, and reporting.  Products may include secure storage containers (safes, cabinets, racks) or software programs.

Law Enforcement / Public Safety / Guarding Systems

Products shall support the efficacy of law enforcement, public safety, guarding, or the protection of personnel in the performance of these duties through increased speed, improved reporting, or enhanced management of processes. Products may include hardware or software and can be wired or wireless.

Lock and Key Solutions

Mechanical devices, electro-mechanical locks, door hardware products or other security hardware, including mechanical computer locks, keyless locks, computer-activated key locking, and other hardware used for the security and safety of persons, materials or property.

Loss Prevention and Article Surveillance Solutions

Solutions that provide functions of article surveillance, inventory control or shoplifting deterrence and detection. Products may include wireless or wired devices, software, or other methods and means of reducing physical or intellectual property theft.

Managed Services

These products enable an organization or entity to leverage external provider resources to manage some or all of the required systems administration, outsource operations, and maintenance tasks for a security operation. Such services could include but may not be limited comprehensive integrated security/facility management functions (programming, diagnostics, or repair support) through the use of virtualized and/or dynamically allocated resources; public or private. Examples might include third-party SOC operations or Help Desk services.

Mobile Solutions (Connected)

Applications running on a variety of mobile platforms (e.g. Android, IOS, Windows) that provide various monitoring, productivity, or management functions for access control, video, identity management, location services, or incident notification or response supported by a hosted application through wireless communications.  Excludes stand-alone applications.

Mobile Solutions (Stand-Alone)

Applications running on a variety of mobile platforms (e.g. Android, IOS, Windows) that provide various monitoring, productivity, or management functions for access control, video, identity management, location services, or intrusion security systems or sub-systems.  These applications will reside on the mobile device and shall not be dependent on wireless connectivity to a host solution but may use feature-sets of the device such as GPS to facilitate their operation.  Excludes host-software connected applications.

Personal Protective Equipment

Garments or equipment designed to protect the wearer's body from injury. Hazards addressed by protective equipment include physical, electrical, heat, chemicals, biohazards, airborne particulate matter.

Threat Detection and Response Solutions

Actionable systems, hardware, applications, or services leveraging analytics, machine learning, and/or artificial intelligence solutions to deter, detect, and respond to physical and/or logical threats, including insider threats.

Threat / Risk Management Software Applications

Stand-alone or integrated software applications used to identify threats / risks to the enterprise and provide actionable intelligence or instruction to the user to mitigate the risks and/or consequences to their operations through data sharing, data analytics, visual recognition, and/or mapping.

Video Analytics

Video products engineered to autonomously gather, access, and analyze video data in relation to a pre-determined set of criteria to identify and evaluate authorized and / or unauthorized activity or behavior through simple algorithmic rule-sets or artificially intelligent means.  Products may be software or hardware-based, may be integrated into other products such as cameras and may be used in real-time or forensic applications. 

Video Surveillance Advanced Imaging Technologies

Cameras that provide advanced video capture technologies, such as thermal imaging, night vision, infrared, and radiometry.

Video Surveillance Cameras

Cameras of any resolution that provide high-definition video images for live or recorded use via network (e.g., Ethernet, IP) or direct cabling methods (e.g. coaxial, NTP).  Products may include single or multi-sensor units.

Video Surveillance Data Storage

Hardware, software, or virtual solutions for the storage of video surveillance data that introduce a new level of innovation of performance or user benefits (e.g. increased storage density, reduced cost(s), enhanced data management (storage or retrieval), redundancy / fault tolerance, or others)

Video Surveillance Hardware and Accessories

Video accessories such as monitors, lenses, positioning devices, mounts, enclosures or consoles that introduce a new level of innovation or user benefits (e.g. ease of installation, maintenance, reduced cost(s), enhanced ergonomics, or others)

Video Surveillance Management Systems

Hardware and software video management systems, including NVR, DVR, HVR, and virtual solutions for the management, display and distribution of video surveillance data.