ISC West
April 9-12, 2024
Venetian Expo, Las Vegas

At the heart of physical and converged security, solutions and services for public safety are essential for protecting our communities, country and the world. Collaboration across public and private entities, with law enforcement and first responders at the front lines – is an ongoing top priority which requires “always-on” vigilance. Public safety encompasses many aspects, from keeping our streets-roadways-highways-waterways/and airspace safe, to ensuring security and well-being at schools and campuses, hospitals, airports, sports and entertainment facilities, transportation systems and facilities, shopping centers, public spaces, and government run public-facing facilities.

A full range of solutions are offered at ISC West, including barriers/bollards/gates/perimeter security, surveillance, access control, and alarms - along with innovative technologies for gunshot and drug detection, license plate recognition, acoustics, facial recognition and AI, connected vehicles, communication systems and devices, alerts and monitoring, and active shooter solutions and training.