ISC West
April 9-12, 2024
Venetian Expo, Las Vegas

ISC West attendees always rate discovering and learning about new companies and new solutions as a priority objective for their event experience. Innovation, research and development and new ideas are a hallmark of the security and public safety industry. Disruption and change are a constant and Start-Up companies are an excellent source to challenge you and your team to explore new approaches and ideas.

What transformative technology will be essential in the next year for security design? Find out what’s hot and what’s in development that will drive the security and public safety approach in the future. The Emerging Tech featured area @ ISC West showcases the next generation of innovative products and solutions that can help revolutionize the security and public safety industry. Featuring the latest and greatest start-up businesses who are 5 years old or less, these entrepreneurial companies are a must see while at ISC West.