FAST Launches Security Industry Compensation Study, Seeks Industry Participation

Recognizing the security industry’s need for current and comprehensive compensation data, the Foundation for Advancing Security Talent (FAST), in partnership with the Security Industry Association (SIA), Electronic Security Association (ESA), PSA Security Network and Security Sales & Integration, has launched the 2023 Security Industry Compensation & Benefits Benchmarking Study to provide essential comparison data for salaries and benefits across the security industry.

We welcome readers of ISC News and all members of the ISC community to lend their expertise and experience to the study as a way to address the challenges hiring managers are facing when trying to fill security roles.

Workforce development and the challenge of hiring are consistently reported as a top trend in SIA’s annual Security Megatrends report and described as a pain point by many security firms. This new collaborative study aims to solve those challenges by providing benchmarking data that will help organizations:

  • Assess compensation for roles at their companies
  • Recruit and retain top talent by understanding industry compensation benchmarks
  • Make strategic decisions based on standardized "apples to apples" data

This unique compensation study is focused narrowly on roles within two business categories:

  • Security manufacturers and solution developers (in addition to companies that manufacture or produce equipment, this includes companies that develop software, SaaS and other types of non-hardware products for our industry)
  • Security integrators/security installing firms (commercial and/or residential)

FAST encourages integrator and manufacturing firms to participate in this study, which will provide the industry with the compensation data it needs to effectively recruit and hire talent. All participating companies in the survey will receive the executive summary prior to the release of the full report, along with the full report once it is released. Participants in the study will get valuable data, with standardized job titles and descriptions, to help them make informed hiring decisions.

How to Participate

To participate in the 2023 Security Industry Compensation & Benefits Benchmarking Study, complete the brief signup form on the FAST website.

FAST is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created by ESA and SIA and promoting careers in the physical security technology and life safety industry. FAST’s key efforts include school, college and university outreach to increase awareness of career opportunities in security; research on the industry’s workforce development needs and solutions; and resources to help industry professionals stay current with emerging and evolving technologies.