Report Finds Businesses Uncertain About AI for Physical Security; ISC West Ready to Fill Knowledge Gap

A new report finds that despite an increase in physical security incidents, 71 percent of businesses have not integrated AI into their security strategies, and 23 percent are unsure if AI is part of their security portfolio. The report from Pro-Vigil, titled The State of Physical Security Entering 2024, also reveals there is a gap in the adoption and understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) as a crucial component of physical security strategies. 

Security professionals are only beginning to understand the promise and potential of fully leveraging a technology that can exponentially increase their productivity and efficiency. The education available at events like the upcoming ISC West is vital for mid-career security pros responsible for the safety and security of the people and property in their care.

The survey examines several sectors including construction, dealerships, retail, and manufacturing, revealing an obvious apprehension and lack of awareness around AI's role in combating crime. Only 29 percent of respondents believe AI can be a helpful tool in the fight against crime, and 57 percent remain uncertain.

At the same time, survey respondents indicated they are concerned about the impact of physical security incidents on their businesses' bottom line. Project delays due to security incidents were reported by 32 percent of businesses, with 30 percent highlighting damage to assets.

Up to a dozen educational sessions at ISC West will directly address the growing integration of AI into the security posture of businesses. Attendees who register for the SIA Education@ ISC Passport can join sessions that include Demystifying AI-Driven Facial Recognition Technologies for Optimized Security and Operations; Leveraging AI thorough Presence Detection for Greater Security & Priority Responses; and Discover How Modern AI is Created and How it Can Be Deployed to Affect Greater Outcomes that Solve a Multitude of Problems.

The Pro-Vigil report clearly shows businesses are worried that security incidents are not abating (87 percent predict that the number of physical security incidents will either increase or stay the same in 2024). For more information on the SIA Education@ISC schedule—including all the AI-related content—or to register for the event, visit